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Post  The Foreman on Sun Jan 30, 2011 4:13 am

Welcome Mechanics! I have decided its time we all have a place to bounce our H and A issues and findings off each other. We all know the usual routine of getting a complaint, searching it on ISIS only to find there is no current S/B or S/N related to the issue, spend an hour going through the trouble shooting, then finally call tech line only to find out they have already received other calls for the same issue. Well here I hope we all can put down our findings and fixes as a quick reference for any dealership technician. Please read some of the material your fellow mechanics have put up and post some of your own findings as well. Since I am tring to keep the the material on this site accurate I am only granting dealship techs access to post material. An active DPTS # is required and will be asked for before membership is approved. Thank you and enjoy.
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